APLYSIA is a Cooperative Society with professional skills ranging from marine biology and applied ecology, with the ability to interact synergistically with public authorities, trade associations, research institutes and operators in the fisheries sector.

APLYSIA provides logistical and technical-scientific support to services for the seafood chain and integrated coastal zone management, in the areas of aquaculture and mariculture, in the assessment of environmental impact, educational activities and  dissemination of scientific research.

The cooperative, found in Livorno in 2000, is made up of 6 graduated in Biological Sciences, with years of experience in Marine Biology and Applied Ecology fields

APLYSIA is associated with the "Lega Nazionale delle Cooperative e Mutue", "LegaCoop Agroalimentare", "Consorzio Mediterraneo e al Centro di Sviluppo Ittico Toscano (Ce.S.I.T.). It collaborates with Department of Biology of the University of Pisa, with the Inter-University Center of Marine Biology and Applied Ecology (C.I.B.M.) of Livorno and with the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) in Rome.

Our services are aimed at research institutes, government, private companies, trade associations and environmental organizations.

Our sectors include aquaculture and mariculture, fisheries, marine ecology, environmental impact assessment, educational activities and scientific dissemination.

Over the years APLYSIA has acquired experience and skills in various fields:


  • Fisheries biology assessment and management
  • Fishery surveys
  • Monitoring activities for the integrated coastal zone management
  • Realization of underwater biological monitoring surveys through visual censuses
  • Animal population analysis (benthos, plankton, and fish stocks) and vegetable (algae and seagrasses) 
  • Study of structural parameters and population dynamics, statistical analysis, cartographic and mapping 
  • Plankton surveys (zooplankton and ittioplancton);
  • Sampling and analysis on the sediment and the water column (coring)
  • Chemical, physical and biological analysis in areas intended to mariculture and their environmental monitoring
  • Environmental impact assessment as a result of human activities in marine and dulciacquicoli environments
  • Sampling and geological characterization of marine sediments


  • Advice for "Fishing-Tourism" activities
  • Technical assistance in the field of security and hygiene on professional fishing vessels
  • Technical assistance to operators and associations in participations to regional, national and European calls
  • Technical and scientific support for the production innovation as well as the renovation and construction of equipment and technologies for fisheries and aquaculture
  • Advice for the management of mariculture and aquaculture sites
  • Training courses for professionals

  • Educational activities on the main topics of marine biology for schools, associations, citizenship, etc
  • Planning, structuring and implementation of underwater trails, snorkeling
  • Guides in museums and aquariums


  • Activities for the development of sustainable consumption of fish resources